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If happiness is a currency, how rich do you think you are?

Sangam Silpakar
Communications Officer/PAHAL
Mercy Corps Nepal

I would consider myself a billionaire. Little things make me happy like an unexpected call from a dear friend, a cake treat, a thoughtful text message or appreciative words at work. While it can be the pleasurable moments and cherishing little things, it is the feeling of being contented. It’s the peace of mind. However, it doesn’t mean only an unhappy person strives to achieve more. Aiming high keeps people motivated. And I believe happy people are motivated.

There is no exact definition for happiness. Each person has their own interpretation. Some might measure it in relationships while others in luxury or success. Happiness is when life fulfils your wishes. Well, in today’s world, it’s living a stress free life and it depends on you. If you do not consider the greenery on the other side of the grass and instead water your side, you are happy.

If happiness is a currency, I think my net-worth would change every day. Some days I will be richer than the others. And then, there will be those days where I will be so busy laughing – as I usually do – that I forget to take notice of my increasing bank account.

And how can I forget those random blue-days that give you Monday vibes from the moment you wake up, and feel all has been lost? Lo-and-behold, I would really lose everything on such days because I would be out of the change to get by with a bucket of ice-cream and chocolates.