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Does her being too wild in bed make her not long term relationship material ?

Sanish Shakya
Model/ Manhunt International Nepal 2012

I believe when it’s true love, initially it is very platonic, it is only later that the sexual desires start to manifest. Both men and women have their wild fantasies, but they try to conceal it until they are comfortable with their partner.

At some point everyone wants to experiment, so a woman being wild in bed does not justify that she is not long-term relationship material. But again it all depends from person to person. For instance, some people might consider it to be a sign for a healthy relationship whereas some might assume that the person has had several past relationships and might not be very comfortable with it. So, I can’t exactly pinpoint on how a woman or a man being wild in bed affects the relationship. In the end, it’s the compatibility that makes the relationship long-lasting.