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Should your relationship be the only priority for it to work?

Sanjog Koirala (Actor)

This question is a bit tricky and depends on the situation. For instance, if we are with a group of people, I will ensure she is comfortable in every possible way. However, I won’t be falling for my partner’s unnecessary or irrational demands. For any relationship to work, I guess the most important thing is obviously love and respect for each other. The main factor behind the success of our relationship is patience. If an unfavourable situation arises, we don’t start fighting over text or phone calls, we wait to hear each other out.  Also, we really respect each other’s personal space; that is our priority.

Barsha Raut (Actor)

For me, my partner is on top of my priority list and I expect him to feel the same way about me. No matter how much you love your significant other, the truth is, all relationships take time and commitment. You can’t expect a relationship to work perfectly if you’re not willing to invest some serious time.  We make sure that we make each other feel special.  For example, I love surprises and my partner never fails to amuse me. I love the way he cares for me and makes me feel wanted every single day.