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Sarangi Soirée at Maya Manor

Maya Manor launched a weekly event called Sarangi Soirée on November 16. The initiative of the event was to invite Anugraha, a local artisan band from the marginalised Gandharva community. They performed traditional Nepali music including the Sarangi. Gandharva is a nomadic musician caste that uses music as a medium to spread news and happenings. The community suffers caste-based discrimination, and the hotel hopes to support this community and their trade.

During the first week, they also had @Barstories by Abhishek, Kathmandu’s most popular pop-up bar create Nepali fusion drinks to accompany the musical entertainment. The menu served a western twist infused with the local Tibetan wine, Chaang; a cocktail made with dried hog plums found only in Nepal.