WOW | Life's Beautiful

Sareeta Gyawali

Principal/ Director, Corona School

What makes a person beautiful?

A person is beautiful because of her/his soul more than the physical appearance. In my opinion, it has to be a combination of looks, personality, knowledge, and most importantly, the humanity that lies within that person.

Current perfume

It changes almost seasonally. Since summer has started, I am using Romance by Ralph Laurence and my favourite since my teenage days is Davidoff Cool Water.

I am addicted to


Staying fit and reading books.

On my wish list

Oh my! Do you really want to know? A good vacation, hopefully soon – to a different continent!

I stay fit by

I have been a regular member of a health club for the past 14 years so I guess I could say a regular workout keeps me fit and of course, watching what you eat helps. I also love green tea.

Best year of my life

There are lots of them, where should I start? 2005 when I got married, 2006 when I had my undergraduate degree, 2009 when I had my first child, 2010 when I decided to come back to Nepal from the United States for good and when I got my Masters degree, 2013 when I had my second child…See I told you, the list is long! Honestly, I have few more that I have not shared !

Latest splurge


Michael Kors handbag and Versace sunglasses

Secret behind your glow

If you think I have a glow, then it must be from being happy me!


I was very loyal to Lancôme for a few years but now I use Lotus products as they are easily available and work well on South Asian skin.



I am not a big gadget freak. I recently bought an HP wide screen laptop. I own an ipad, Fitbit band, and a two-year-old Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Style Icons

Kangana Ranaut, Sarah Jessica Parker and Eva Mendez as they make everything look good.

Always in my handbag


A wallet, sunglasses, cell phone, hand sanitizer, small hand lotion, lipstick, compact, a miniature perfume, and some wet wipes. Pretty much everything you need to get ready instantly.