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Sassy Srijana

In the fashion industry, Srijana Regmi is known for her beautiful complexion, slender body and most importantly her charming personality. Her sass and sense of style have propelled her to the top of the fashion circuit. She has conquered some of the top ramp shows and magazine covers. Cool, composed and free-spirited, Srijana is also one of the most sought after event emcees in the country. The dusky diva is now venturing into the world of cinemas. In this edition of WOW, she talks about her upcoming projects along with her perspective on marriage.

Text and Coordination: Mannat Shrestha
Photos: Sanjog Rai
Wardrobe: Manish Rai
MUA: Shradha Maskey

What makes Srijana Regmi…

My parents: Ishwara Pokhrel Regmi and Yadab Kumar Regmi

A model, emcee and now an actor, how has the transition been for you?

Every opportunity that I have gotten has shaped me into the person I am today; a few years from now I would love to add more things to the list.

When you started modelling, what were some of the challenges you had to face?

Around seven years back when I started modelling, people preferred light-skinned models to represent their brand. As I am dark skinned, it was a bit challenging to get projects.

Do you think skin colour still makes a difference in the modelling industry of Nepal?

It’s still not easy for dark-skinned models but it’s definitely much better than before. Now the perspective of the consumer is changing and there is less judgment on skin colour. I used to feel upset before, but now I feel sad for the brands who do not want to explore the diversity of beauty.

Your message to upcoming models…

Be rebellious; don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.

What was the turning point in your modelling career?

Participating in Miss Nepal 2016 was definitely the turning point in my modelling career. It was after the pageant people really took notice of me.

We don’t see you much on the ramp these days…

It’s not that I have left the ramp, I thrive on the runway. There are so many other things that I have on my hands now that I barely get any time for ramp shows.

 So what’s keeping you busy?

Now that the shooting for my debut movie Xira has completed, I have post-production roles to finish. I am occupied with some modelling projects too. Also, I am giving young girls personality development and modelling classes with Next Models Nepal.

What made you venture into movies?

I have always been fascinated by great actors. I remember wanting to act from a really young age. I was offered some scripts in the past but there wasn’t a character that I truly wanted to portray. I wasn’t so sure about jumping into acting until I met up with director Ashutosh Raj Shrestha who offered me the role of Bullet in his debut movie Xira. The character of Bullet impressed me so much that I said yes in the first meeting. I think the process of becoming the character is what actually made me confident about venturing into the film industry.

What are your expectations from the film industry?

With so many new independent movies getting into acclaimed film festivals around the world, I have very high expectations from the industry. I think movies are not just a source of entertainment but they reflect the soul of the society that we live in. I hope to be a part of this industry as it grows.

What are your long-term career goals?

I want to be an actor and a musician.


What are the three things you always carry in your bag?
My notebook, phone, lipstick.

What turns you on in a man?
Sense of humour and critical thinking.

What’s the mantra to impress a girl?
Be real!

Your nickname
My close friends call me Siru

Food that you can eat forever
Dal bhaat.

Your current fashion addiction
Lachha dori

What makes you…
Good music
Sad: Writer’s block
Angry: Gender inequality


Marriage is…

I think it’s very special and brave when two people thoughtfully decide to marry and commit to each other for a lifetime.

Do you see yourself getting married anytime soon?

I haven’t thought about getting married yet but who knows, right?

What should today’s woman know about marriage?

Every woman should know that marriage is a choice. She should only marry someone who she knows very well and wants to spend the rest of her life with.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about marriage set by society?

I think the concept of marriage is wildly commercialised. The fact that people feel pressured by society to get married is mind-boggling to me. Marriage should be a conscious decision made for oneself.

What is your take on live-in relationships?

Living with the person you love is natural to me, whether or not they’re married is irrelevant.

Do you prefer live in relationships to marriage?

I prefer real love in a relationship no matter what label you give to it.

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