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Satish Shrestha
Director – Sales and Marketing, Hotel Mystic Mountain

For me rape is rape, whether is marital or not. It is a crime and cannot be justified with any amount of reasoning. It is a serious form of abuse and violence against women and I am totally against it as it tarnishes the human soul. No one should be forced for sex just because they are married and they need to satisfy their partner. I consider it as a heinous act that is punishable. I believe wedlock cannot give any man a license to rape his wife but I have heard that it is a sordid reality of millions of women around the world, where victims continue to suffer for several reasons depending on their socio, economic and psychological conditions. It is high time that we transform our humankind, our values and education. It can be prevented and corrected; every home and every school should start educating our boys and girls to address this social evil because there is nothing sacred in an exploitative marriage, it affects generations and mankind.