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Do phone passwords ruin relationships?

Satyajit Pradhan
Director - Marketing and Communications, Marie Stopes Nepal/Vocalist - Products of Conception

The core issue we are talking about here is trust. I really don’t think this has much to do with a password on a phone or a password on anything else. In a relationship, especially a romantic one, trust is the foundation we build on and it is what determines what the relationship will become in the future. A weak foundation pretty much ensures that a relationship will be unable to withstand the different challenges that life will most certainly throw its way. A password on a phone protects someone’s privacy – who they talk to, the photos they take, and the messages they send and receive. If this level of privacy is important to this person, why challenge it? Sometimes it isn’t even about privacy; it could just be one of the most practical ways to secure trust. Someone who isn’t concerned about the contents of your phone likely trusts you. This trust is both a privilege and a responsibility – depends on whom you ask.

On the other hand, if you aren’t afraid that the contents of your phone will jeopardize your relationship and your partner really wants to have access to the contents of your phone, why not share it? What do you have to hide? It is a matter of priorities really, what is more important to you? Privacy! Demonstration of trust! Or your relationship?

You know what I always say, Life is full of choices, every step you take you chooses but you should never gamble what you can’t afford to lose.