WOW | Life's Beautiful


A typical response is the last thing one can expect from Seema Golchha, who has a razor sharp wit. A self-taught ventriloquist, she has done multiple shows in India and abroad. With humour running in her veins, Seema has created her own spotlight on the stage as a stand-up comedian. In this edition of Life’s Beautiful, she entertains us with her utterly honest answers.

What makes a person beautiful? 

Alcohol! (The more you have, the more beautiful a person looks)

What makes you beautiful? 

Bobbi Brown and MAC

What tickles your funny bones?

Orthopedic doctors

What makes you smile? 


You are addicted to…


On your wish list…

Not sure about my wish list, but there are some people on my list

You stay fit by

Cracking silly jokes (mental fitness is important too)


They say "beauty is skin deep", so I've started eating the foundation


iPhone, therefore I am

You always struggle with…

Filling in such questionnaires about me

The best thing about being you

My modesty (laughs)

3 things you do to look your best

I’ll tell you one most important thing: Smile

On a bad hair day

I shampoo (and then it's not a bad hair day anymore)

One tip you've learnt that makes you photo ready

Make silly faces

Favourite comedians of all time…

Ellen Degeneres, Michael Mcintyre ... and oh, me (you know anyone else who has performed with Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno… I don’t)

The best therapy for happiness

I would recommend you to come for my shows

Always in my handbag

Glasses, notebook, pen, lipstick, Panadol, Bifilac, tampon, eyeliner, lip liner, scissors, toothpick, post-it, chocolate, nuts, water, cream, chewing gum, mint, etc.