WOW | Coffee Break

How do you define intelligence in today’s context?

Seema Golchha
Director, Samsung Plaza

In today’s world, intelligence is to be in touch with what’s happening around and to move with the time. The way technology is changing, communication media is changing, we need to embrace this change positively and should be abreast of things. We do not have to go far behind… just imagine our lives 5-7 years back and compare it with the present, things have moved rapidly. So it is an intelligent thing to be with the moving times. Just by using the newest technology we will not be intelligent, we are intelligent by using the technology in the right way, Right choices and wise choices make us intelligent.

In this fast moving world we need to take quick decisions. If we do not use our intelligence to implement newer programs rapidly we will lag behind. It’s all about constant adaption. In a nutshell I will say intelligence is the ability to embrace change without losing your core values.