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sex before marriage

When it comes to premarital sex, it appears that although people are more liberal to the idea, they still refrain from openly speaking about it. WOW, talks to women from different walks of life to find out their views on the social acceptability of sex before marriage.

Jyotsna Yogi

It depends on the upbringing of the woman, her circle, her people, and her family’s beliefs.

The term ‘premarital sex’ when said out loud sounds disturbing. I feel the term itself carry negativity. You love your partner. Before or after marriage, love is love. If a person wants to have premarital sex, nobody should be bothered. If a person wants to stay a virgin until marriage, it’s still none of anybody’s business. It’s an individual’s life and choice and we should let them live however they want.

Society is necessary but at times it can be despicable. People could be having countless affairs and STDs too, but the moment they see you maybe hugging a guy or a girl, you are shamed, you are lashed out at, you become the talk of town. Society will act shocked if we even talk on this matter. Educating the young generation on this is farfetched. And yes, I feel it’s still considered a taboo.