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sex before marriage

When it comes to premarital sex, it appears that although people are more liberal to the idea, they still refrain from openly speaking about it. WOW, talks to women from different walks of life to find out their views on the social acceptability of sex before marriage.

Samriddhi Rai

Just because people aren’t talking about sex doesn’t mean they are not doing it. There are two extremities in which we judge sex. Either it is an overly holy act or it’s something that is downright risqué. And as long as the society perceives sex to be any of these two, there will never be an acceptance of what sex can really be. It’s a act of love, it’s an expression of biological needs and it’s as natural as eating and breathing. So, if you are not questioning me about my opinion on eating or breathing then stop questioning me about my views on sex. It’ll stop being a taboo once we stop talking about it with so much speculation. Eat, breathe and love. Its one life you get. Live it in your own terms.