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Sex Toys for Women: A Complete Guide

Think sex toys for women were born out of the women’s lib movement? Think again. Archaeologists have uncovered some suspected early models that date back to the Paleolithic era. And while their makers didn’t leave behind a user’s guide, we have a few guesses of what some of those phallic fossils were for.

Yet the long history of sex toys doesn’t make walking into an adult store for the first time any less intimidating. Fortunately there’s a wealth of options available online, including plenty of women’s toys and couples toys. We’re here to shed light on a few of our most popular sex toys for women and how to use them, whether you’re exploring alone or experimenting with a partner.


If there’s one toy you should have in your nightstand, it’s a vibrator. They come in all shapes and sizes and can pack tons of different features, so you should be able to find one that you, ahem, vibe with.

Many agree that a rabbit vibrator is the best vibrator for women. That’s because most rabbits feature a shaft for penetration and an protruding arm for clitoral stimulation (the arm is often shaped like a bunny, hence the name). Simultaneous penetration and clitoral stimulation are necessary for many women to orgasm.

Dildos and Dongs

If you’re interested in penetration, dildos and dongs are ideal beginner toys because their phallic shapes come in an array of sizes and their movement is controlled entirely by you or your partner, instead of a motor.

You can also choose between a soft, silicone toy and a hard, completely smooth toy made of glass or steel. These hard toys are particularly great if you prefer pressure on your G-spot. To keep things comfortable, don’t forget the lubricant.


Strap-ons come with two pieces, the dildo and the harness. The dildo fits into a hole in the front of the harness, which one partner wears around their hips. Strap-ons are used for penetrative sex, both vaginal and anal.

Kegel Balls

If you are familiar with 50 Shades of Grey, you’ve heard of kegel balls. These weighted balls slip inside the vagina, where they are held in place by a bit of flexing—a motion that can massage the G-spot. An attached cord typically allows for added stimulation and easy retrieval.

The balls also have benefits beyond the bedroom. While for some women they provide immediate pleasure, they also strengthen the pelvic-floor muscles, which may help with urinary incontinence, aid recovery after childbirth, and help you achieve stronger orgasms over time.

Important note: Kegel balls should never be used anally.

Duotone Balls

Duotone balls are larger and heavier than kegel balls, and they have smaller balls inside them, resulting in pleasurable vibrations. Look for sets that include different sizes and weights to suit your comfort level. And if you want a soft, smooth feeling, look for silicone balls (sometimes marketed as ‘real skin balls’).

Clitoral Suction Devices

Clitoral suction devices fit snugly around your clitoris and then use waves of suction to induce orgasms. Fans liken it to oral sex. Most devices are rechargeable, which makes them perfect for use away from a wall socket.

These small sex toys for women are shaped like tubes of lipstick for the utmost discretion. A popular option is the Womaniser 2GO Clit Stimulator because it is waterproof, has six speeds, and doesn’t require batteries.

Anal Toys

Anal sex can be a healthy addition to any sex life, but there are plenty of other ways to explore the area besides just traditional penetration. That’s where anal toys come in. Anal toys are specifically made to go into the anus and have flared bases or loops at the end to prevent them from getting stuck.

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