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Shamishran by Bidhata KC, Chirag Bangdel and Kapil Mani Dixit

Bidhata KC, Chirag Bangdel and Kapil Mani Dixit held a collaborative exhibition, Shamisharan, on July 2. This is their fourth exhibition together held at Shaligram Complex. Samishran is also a celebration of their friendship founded on the grounds of mutual respect for each other’s approach to the visual arts.

Bidhata KC, in this exhibition series, features her experience of visiting Lo Manthang in Upper Mustang three years ago. Her paintings make extensive use of earthy colours and demonstrate unique texture that highlights the artist’s desire to find meanings within the walls there. “Buildings in Lo Manthang seemed like they were coming from underneath the earth and demonstrated a close connection between nature and artificiality,” she said.

‘Samishran’ in particular is special to Kapil Mani Dixit, who works extensively on nude paintings. His recent visit to Sydney inspired him to adapt the aboriginal art of Australia and later paint ‘Beyond the Borders’ series. The series were painted in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake, a tragic experience which made the artist look beyond his signature style.

Chirag Bangdel brought in a fresh by embracing Maithili art shapes and colour harmony in his paintings. An apparent adaptation to Maithili art —oblivious faces and long black hair — was an overlay of dark black and blue colours. These adaptations gave a mystical aura to the paintings, including Geet Govinda, which was inspired from the 12th Century book by Jayadeva.