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Does her being too wild in bed make her not long term relationship material ?

Shan Basnet
Freelance writer/ Radio Presenter

Honestly, people make a lot of unnecessary fuss when it comes to sex. For any healthy relationship, good sex is as important as ‘trusting your partner’. In today’s time and the world, it’s pretty normal for people (yes, women too) to have had a relationship in the past, even multiple ones. When in a relationship, sex too is almost as expected as holding hands. If I am okay with whatever the past I must have had, I shouldn’t be too worried about hers as well. Also, for anyone to be as crazy in bed, it’s not always necessary that the person might have had multiple experiences in the past. Even if it is the case, the issue would be if you and your partner aren’t on the same wavelength with each other while doing it. Anything less from her or from you should be the main concern. Even so, you’ve always got the option to communicate and solve the problem. Communicating helps solve everything.