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It’s a hard life; But it’s still LIFE

In this race of life, we must often dare to rise above obstacles, no matter time or circumstance. Whether small or big, we must work to fulfill our responsibilities and build self reliance. Among thousands of people walking unknown on the streets, there are a few that stand out with hard work and determination written across their face. They meet life’s challenges head on with a smile, not losing hope, building a secure tomorrow. In this edition, WOW spoke to four women street vendors to learn about their work, their life and their dreams. Excerpts:

Shanta Koirala
45 (Pokhara)
She sells goods on the streets of Gongabu Bus Park

“It’s been 16 years since I have been working as a street vendor. I usually sell clothes on the street. Before this I used to feel hopeless with my circumstances, but I couldn’t give up – I had my children to feed and raise. Being a woman and physically impaired, it was a hard struggle but today I am happy with what I have achieved. Being a mother I had no choice. I had to be strong and face life’s obstacles. Even though it was hard, nothing could stop me from feeding my toddlers”, says street vendor Shanta Koirala who is 45 years old.

This WOW woman had to choose to stand up for herself and fight life’s difficulties. She lost her right foot in an accident when she was just 16. A small loss, she says, compared to losing her husband. A young widow, life was harsh but she knew she couldn’t be a burden on others nor could she give up. Today her sons are 15 and 10 years old. And Shanta stands tall and smiling as she sells her wares.

Her Dream: “Even though I work on the streets, I want my children to get a quality education and see them growing into independent people”.