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ShaVi’s Berliner Fritten

ShaVi’s-Berliner-FrittenShaVi’s brings a little bit of Berlin’s lifestyle to Kathmandu. ShaVi’s serves Berlin’s street food revealing a bit of it’s cool hipster vibe. The signature dish, Currywurst Pommes with Mayo (Bratwurst with Curryketchup Sauce, Fries and Mayo), comes straight from Berlin’s streets and is one of the most popular fast food dishes in Germany. At ShaVi’s the fries and all the sauces are homemade with secret recipes to ensure an authentic flavour. The German Nepali couple who runs Shavi’s wanted to introduce their favourite style of food to Nepal.

Location: Thamel
Opening hours: 11am – 11pm (Sun- Sat )
Contact:  980-2096555