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Shiwani Manandhar is the founder of Working as Angel which works for a lot of causes. She has a special focus on charity for the homeless and less fortunate, and  for animals. She organises happy events like Free Hugs, Party for Animals, Pizza Party for the Homeless as a way to include others into the cause. She is also Vice President of Human Rights Film Focus Nepal as well as Educator at Wall of Hope Campaign which works  against women violence. She is a blend of kindness and thoughtfulness, and aspires to be her own hero.

Shiwani Manandhar
24, Founder / President, Working As Angel (WAA)

What is the best thing about what you do?
I try to live a cruelty free life, and I believe I work to give happiness to everyone I can.

How important is financial independence?
It is not above my peace of mind. But it is one of the contributing factors. Financial independence to me is almost like a close relative of the word freedom… freedom to wear what you want, travel where you want to go, eat what you want and not wait for someone to give you that happiness. It’s taking control of your own life.

What is your work matra?
Do the best you can. Your best is enough.

Your inspiration…
Self made people who create their own happiness and fortune.

Besides work:
I like to spend lazy days with my best friends and family, and my dog I take time off on hibernation mode as I need a lot of space.