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Should Film CENSORSHIP Exist?

Compiled by:  Sachitra Gurung
Photos: Ram Tandukar/ Gokul Shrees

Vivek Singh Thakuri
Media Personality

Censorship in movies leading to its rating whereby every movie is given a rate such as “U” or “PG” is a great way of letting the public know its appropriateness in terms of viewing by certain age groups who may not have reached a state where s/he can rationally consume the content and differentiate between right and wrong. It is possible to put things on film that is truly inhumane and offensive. Just because a filmmaker has seen fit to film something doesn’t mean that theatres, television stations and film producers should be required to screen and distribute it without censorship. However, adults should be able to choose what they want to expose them to and make up their mind about the things they see without a politically motivated authority patronising them. Censorship doesn’t have to equate to silencing and sanitation.