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SHREE TARA BAND – The All Girl Musical Journey

Shree Tara is an all women’s instrumental band working in music since 2009. Ani Choying Dolma gave them their name. Members are Sarada Dongol, 29, on percussion (madal), Rojina Dongol, 24, on flute and Sujina Bajracharya, 21, on Sarangi. The dynamic trio have enjoyed successful performances and are now planning to record their album. They share that Shree Tara is working to preserve folk instrumental music and to encourage women musicians to live their dream. Excerpts from a WOW moment with the musical three…

Music is…
Sarada : It’s an universal language.
Rojina : An expression of everything that gives happiness.
Sujina : It’s a Sadhana; it’s meditative..

How did your journey start, how did the idea of forming a girl instrumental band come about?
Sarada: Respected Aani Choying Dolma encouraged us to form a ladies band. I have been involved with Shree Tara since 2009.
Rojina: Sarada didi approached me to join Shree Tara. It’s been over two years now.
Sujina : I also got involved through Sarada didi. She discovered me on facebook where I had posted a photo playing the violin.

What are the challenges?
Sarada : As we all know, there is no financial security in this profession and was a reason our previous members couldn’t continue their musical journey with Shree Tara. There were five members in the beginning but now we are three remaining.
Rojina : It’s very hard to make money from music but then everything is not money.
Sujina : It was difficult financially but slowly we’re picking up.

What’s your journey like now?
Sarada : It was difficult at the beginning but we want to continue playing as a band no matter what.
Rojina : It is the best journey!
Sujina : It’s exciting.

Sarada : Nepali instrumental band “Kutumba” and singer/writer Abhaya Subba.
Rojina : Shree Tara is my inspiration.
Sujina : Music is my inspiration.