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Shreejana Rana
Executive Director, Hotel Annapurna

My first job interview was with ITC Welcome Group here in Kathmandu. It was for the position of Management Trainee. I’ve always had a strong personality and there wasn’t a lot of competition in those days… it was the 1980’s. We didn’t have many women in the industry. I had just finished my training. And I also had the advantage of being fluent in English. So I was quite confident when I went in. You could almost say I was bold. I did feel at a slight disadvantage as I was young. I must have done something right though. I got the job. It was only when I started working that I realised that boldness and confidence were not enough. It took me a while to learn that lesson. To understand that the other women I worked with were better than me! I was a little immature to say the least. I made mistakes, but I learned from them. And finally I understood that it was taking responsibility for my work and being accountable that were crucial to doing my job well.