WOW | Coffee Break

Women in media

Shristi Kafle
Correspondent, Xinhua News Agency

What has your experience been as a journalist?

Since I was in school I used to actively participate in extracurricular activities such as speech or debate competitions, poetry and story writing. Also, I was always fascinated by television. As soon as I finished my SLC examination, I decided to study mass communication and journalism.

I started my pursuit in media as an English news anchor on Mountain TV. After some time, I worked for Sagarmatha Television. I wrote op-ed articles for various newspapers, and eventually joined Xinhua News Agency (Nepal Bureau). The media field is definitely charming but equally challenging. There is huge competition and you need to put in maximum effort.

Have you faced any discrimination or biases?

I feel there are still a lot of gender biases. Especially in private media women still face discrimination one way or an other. The mainstream media is still dominated by men and we lack women on editorial boards or top decision making position. Women still earn lower wages than their male counterparts even when in the same role. I have personally experienced this while working with private television stations.

To what extent, do you think the perspective is changing towards women in media?

In the past, media used to be considered as a short-term career. Today, it is seen as a progressive career. Now more women are stepping into this field. Although there is a huge competition in the industry, some of the women journalists have been able to shine in the international arena. They have become role models to the youth.