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Si Savoir-faire

Since her debut as a fashion designer in 2015, Siwangi Pradhan is creating waves in the fashion sphere. A fashion aficionado, Siwangi has become a favourite among unconventional, customary and fashion forward women. Her label Si focuses on the tiniest details and captures the beauty of Nepal’s cultural heritage and modern day lifestyle. She beautifully blends traditional essence with contemporary styling. During the opening of her new showroom in Tangalwood, WOW caught up with the designer to learn about the latest trends for brides:

Text by: Mannat Shrestha

You are a style icon for many young women, what is your mantra?

Style is more than just about how you dress and what you wear; it’s an expression that reflects who you truly are and what you stand for. How I carry myself is simply an expression of who I am and nothing feels more empowering.

What trends are you currently hooked onto?

Long coats, mum jeans, and suede boots have most of my attention this season. Talking about Eastern wear, I have been waiting for an occasion to wear my delicately embroidered velvet sari set.

You recently opened a showroom, tell us about it?

It feels like a dream come true. I have been in the designing field for three years now and it hasn’t exactly been a cakewalk. It took me a good deal of time to reach where I am today and I have been putting my heart and soul into it. Every piece in my showroom is the outcome of my love and passion for designing.

What fuels your creativity?

Creativity, to me, is like a mystic world that demands to be explored and enriches you from within. The more you explore, the more you learn. My creativity is fueled by my passion to create a fusion of diverse Nepali culture and contemporary essentials.

What was the inspiration behind your latest collection?

I recently launched my new collection called ‘Mystical Hues’ during Nepal Fashion Week 2018. The pastel and earthy hues that I have chosen for my craft are symbolic of natural elements. Ornate motifs of flowers and branches grace the designs to mimic nature.

What can we expect from your next collection?

My next collection is a big challenge as I am planning to launch Si Menswear soon.

How often do you derive inspiration from other designers?

I am constantly fascinated and inspired by the designers who have earned an admirable place in the fashion industry. Seeing all their majestic creations inspires me to bring forth my own creativity and experiment with new and unique ideas.

What is your take on the new popular Instagram page prideandpabal?

Well it is good to see that people are watching the Nepali fashion industry with keen eyes. I find it amusing really. As long as the content is free from any sort of bias and judgement and does not demean anybody, it’s all good.

What kind of ethics do you believe in following while working with fashion?

Fashion is a dynamic industry where things keep changing and they change fast. To be able to keep up with it while retaining the unique essence of what your brand stands for in your craft is what matters.

Three pieces of clothing that every woman should have…
Sari, a good pair of shoes and a little black dress

Trending colours in 2019
Red for Eastern wear and more earthy tones for both Eastern and Western wear

A trend that is cringe-worthy
Big puffy jackets

An outfit that never goes out of fashion
Definitely sari

The most stylish women in the country
My best friends: Lemi Tamang and Aastha Pokharel

The best investment when it comes to fashion
A pair of good shoes. Like they say, good shoes take you to good places

What made you choose to do traditional attire and bridal wear as a focus?

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the grandiose of rich Nepali culture and heritage. The intricate designs in our historical sculptures have inspired me profoundly. Culture is an indispensable part of who I am. I am born into a Newari family and raised in a community where traditions hold utmost importance. I feel the day when a woman becomes a bride is one of the most important days of  her life, hence this is why I choose to do what I do, make every bride feel special in what she wears.

What do you want women to feel when they wear your clothes?

I want them to feel beautiful, confident and above all, comfortable while wearing my designs.

What does a Si bride reflect?

Si bride is a modern day woman of today: confident, beautiful, and majestically fluid.

Key trends for brides this year…

Regal bridal attire with heavy embroidery is perfect for weddings. As for receptions, modern fusion outfits look elegant and chic.

Trends and styles you think brides should avoid this wedding season…

Dark tones and puffy dresses

Less is more or more the merrier, which one should a bride stick to?

It all boils down to how it makes you feel. In the end, it’s all about you.