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Singing from his soul – Udesh Shrestha

Udesh Shrestha recorded his first song in 2057 BS. Admired for his sentimental tracks, his fans call him the tragedy king of Nepali music. The voice of Yo juni ma timro huna sakina and Kina maya ma yeti dherai chot talks to Sachitra Gurung  about his musical journey.

Music is…

My passion. I have struggled and sacrificed a lot for music but I have no regrets. It is what keeps me alive.

How would you describe your music?

My genre is melodious contemporary pop but people know me for my sentimental songs. Hence, I get my nickname, ‘Tragedy King’.

How did you get into music?

Since a very young age I used to sing but I never thought I would make it my profession. At that time I used to play music for fun and entertainment. After SLC I came to Kathmandu and took guitar lessons. In 2057 B.S., I recorded my first song called Ghorai Bazaar. It wasn’t my best and I realised I wanted to improve my music and make it my career.

Do you think it is important to train in music?

It’s really important. At least you should know the basics of music. There are those who are gifted but in the long run it’s just not enough. You need to know what you are doing.

What has been you greatest achievement in your musical journey?

Although I have received many awards, I think the love that I have received from my national and international fans is my greatest achievement.

One thing that you keep in mind while recording a song…

The lyrics and composition are very important while recording a song. However there should be emotions too. For people to resonate with your songs, you need to be able to capture and express your feelings.

What instruments do you play?

I play the harmonium, guitar and piano, but while composing songs I use the guitar.

What your favourite part of international tours?

It’s the best feeling when you see a huge crowd attending your concert and showering you with love, whether it is in Nepal or abroad. But I also get nervous during tours. I do not want to disappoint my fans in any way.

Which artiste has had the greatest influence on you?

Swor Samrat Narayan Gopal is my all time favorite and has been my greatest inspiration.

Which of your songs is closest to your heart?

It would be Kina maya ma yeti dherai

What do you think is the most important quality of a musician?

Anyone who sings or composes music cannot be considered a musician. A true musician is someone who is dedicated and passionate about his work.