WOW | Coffee Break

Is social media ruling your life?

Sinuna Chaudhary
Social Entrepreneur, Web Developer, Reporter, Model

We could probably find tons of definitions for social media. Social media are internet based tools for sharing news and information, interacting with people, photos and videos sharing, media and marketing and for entertainment purpose. But somehow there is negative impact as well. We can see social media ruling our life. Most people are so connected that they can’t imagine their life without social media. The craze is increasing day by day. Even really young people have their own social media accounts. With so many people having smart phones and tablets now, we have constant connection to our Facebook and Twitter accounts wherever we are. But these days, people tend to love chatting online instead of in real life. They rarely socialise in real life. Every single activity is posted on their status. They love to make friends online rather than in real life. They spend so many hours on social media pushing aside work and health. Excessive use does convert to back pain, eye strain, tiredness, headache and more. It also encourages waste of time, social media addiction, tendency to show off, cybercrime, risk of fraud. Hence when using any social media platform, never share your personal information. Be careful with what you post and use it in limitation.