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Siwangi Pradhan

Siwangi Pradhan is a model and designer who runs a successful label called SI. Talented and versatile in her approach to work, she is also one of the few who worked hard to have the perfect wedding. She recently tied the knot with Neeraj Bansal and in this issue of WOW takes us through her extraordinary bridal journey, including tips on how to get the perfect wedding moments…

Top five steps to planning a wedding in Kathmandu

Venue- There are very limited options of venue to do a grand wedding in Kathmandu. So once the date is finalised you should first rush to book the perfect venue.
Wedding planners – Hiring a wedding planner is a must. You have to give your time and share your ideas of what you want the decorations, lighting, floral work to be to make sure it’s perfect .
Outfits – I think everybody wants to look their best on their wedding. And renowned designers take around 2-3 months for it. You must plan your outfits 2-3 months prior to the wedding.
Jewellery – In my case I spent a lot of time searching for my perfect jewellery set. I wanted it to go with my outfits so I spent a lot of time with my jewellery designer working.
Makeup and hair artist – I think booking the right makeup artist according to your skin is very important. Makeup artists get really busy during the wedding season. If you don’t book yourself 2-3 months before the big day, you will be getting very limited options for hair and makeup.

Top 5 tips on keeping the planning stage smooth
• Figure out your partner’s taste
• Keep everybody in your family on board
• Take inputs from recently married couples
• Make a checklist or to do list and keep checking where you’re falling behind
• Divide the work

Two things that did not go as planned
• Functions do not start on time as planned
• Distribution of invitations

Your favourite wedding look
Honestly I loved all of it right from the sangeet where I was wearing Tarun Tahiliani cape kurthi with sharara to the peach coloured heavily embroidered lehenga an eventually the gray mesmerising jacket lehenga . I just loved all of them.

Favourite piece of jewellery
It was a Kajal Naina designed diamond choker with a long pearl necklace

Skin care for the beautiful bridal glow
Exercise gives you the best glow and I have the most talented makeup artist friend Lemi who was with me the whole time to give suggestions.

A special menu
For the sangeet, we had street style food at Hyatt
The best advice while planning your wedding
To do the wedding in Gokarna . Thanks to Joseph!

Top Tip
I believe one should give attention to the smallest of details . Do everything with your best heart and you’ll get the best out of it.

On the cover: Siwangi Pradhan
Photographed by: Manish Khadgi (D:20 Design Labs & Photography)
Location: Fotos Factory
Accessories: Classic Diamond
Wardrobe: model’s own
MUA: Sukriti Yakthumba
Concept/style: Sonu/Rojina/Priya