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Wake up to Makeup

Makeup is an art. And today we have some of the finest makeup artists working with creative passion in a career that is not just in high demand but also well paying. Makeup trends are fast changing and the world of makeup artists is filled with tools, colours and textures that are being catered to by some of the finest cosmetic companies globally. Some of the very creative and versatile makeup artists have caught our attention with their fabulous work and keen sense of style. Here we present seven of them with exclusive tips just for you.


Sizi Thapa, is a professional makeup artist working in Myanmar, Thailand and Nepal. She has been working in the movie industry as a beauty makeup artist  and specialises in special effects makeup. She also does magazine and fashion shows as high fashion makeup artist, is a sought after bridal makeup artist and is also a certified beauty educator. Experimenting in new techniques and trying different genres especially special effects is what she loves doing.

What made you want to become a makeup artist?
My passion. One day I just decided that I want to live by what I love to do so I took the step… and voila here I am today.

What do you love about what you do?
Everything! From the very beginning like meeting people, understanding their needs, transforming them… gorgeous or ugly by makeup, I love it all.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get inspiration from day to day life. It could be anything… my surroundings, people, nature, objects, etc.

Brand favourite…
I love Himalaya Products. I buy in good numbers while travelling and now even my foreign friends love it! In makeup I can’t decide on just any one product.

One product you can’t work without…
I keep experimenting. I can skip others but Giffarine is a must for me wherever I go.

Top makeup tips
Right makeup base and blending makeup well is very important but most importantly understand one’s desire or need.