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There was a time when skin care used to be just about beautification and looking good. Today it is more. It has become an integral part of personal health and wellness. To know more, WOW caught up with Senior Beauty Therapist Rishu Singh Joshi who after 15 years of experience in dermatology, has recently become a Dermalogica expert. Based in London, Rishu is currently with Med Spa – a spa cum clinic. She specialises in skin analysis and advanced treatments. In Kathmandu, you can gain insight and experience her proficiency at Dolly’s.

Senior Beauty Therapist Rishu Singh Joshi

What are the essentials for a good complexion?

First thing, drink lots and lots of water. Absolute hydration is more important than you may think it to be. And whether it’s rainy, gloomy or sunny, if you’re going out during the daytime, you must cover yourself with SPF or sunscreen because the light we get is still harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Besides, Asian skin is prone to pigmentation. Hence, your skin needs SPF protection.
Following a thorough cleansing routine is equally essential. I would want most people to concentrate more on the night time regime which is getting rid of all the dirt from the skin using make-up remover, cleansing milk, face wash, and then, letting it breathe at night. Letting make-up to stay on the skin for long may block your pores which again leads to bad results. So next time you think of heading to bed with your make-up on, just remember that not everyone is lucky to walk away without spots by doing so. The more thorough you are with your cleansing regime, the better your skin is.

Needless to say, your health, diet and lifestyle play a vital role. Pigmentation is not just because of the sun or pollution. Even stress levels affect your skin because sometimes it’s a hormonal matter. Apart from that, note the contents of the products you use and go for good quality products that suit your skin.
I highly recommend a monthly professional treatment. Special skincare treatments can never be compared, since the services and products used at salons will be different than the ones you use at home all the time. So it’s always advisable to have a good facial or treatment done.

Acne in older age

Some people get spots or acne as they grow older. They are not necessarily limited to teenage years because sometimes it’s a genetic matter which you can’t do much about. For instance, my mum’s got migraine, it’s the same with me. If something like that is in your genes, it’s really hard to get rid of it completely. However, knowing the right product to use helps keep it under control. Like, finding out whether a product is oil based and water based. Hence, one needs to have better knowledge regarding make-up. And if you use it wisely, I’m sure it won’t be that much of a problem.

Senior-Beauty-Therapist-Rishu-Singh-Joshi-1Makeup tips

For work, you’ll obviously want to keep your makeup to the minimum. If someone’s got dark circles or scars, then it is always advised to use a concealer. Make-up does boost confidence. A bit of loose powder helps as well.
During winter, for dry skin try oil based cosmetics like foundation, probably a bit of blusher and you’re ready to go. I know a lot of people here like eyeliner and nude lipstick. Use as you wish. The bottom line is to keep it minimal. For brands, I always recommend mineral product brands because they’re less damaging, they’re free from paraben and other chemicals. It is always advisable to use lead-free cosmetics, especially lipsticks.

Latest Trends…

Radio Frequency Treatment is one of the latest trends that is totally in these days. The best way to describe it: it is known as ironing of the skin and has been designed for several treatments. The multi-purpose technique works on both the face and body. Basically, it’s heat working on your skin along with the benefits of various products. The heat penetrates and pushes the contents deeper which gives excellent results like rejuvenating, plumping the skin, removal of scars and acne, and anti-ageing among others. Apart from RF, other popular advanced treatments include skin peeling treatment, microdermabrasion and hydra facials.

Another trend I’ve noticed is that many women are better maintaining themselves than they used to, be it grooming or health wise. Staying fit never goes out of style!
Last but not least, lymphatic facial massage is a drainage massage which is best for ageing skin as it involves opening all the lymph nodes and draining out toxins. It is so effective that you will notice the difference right after the first session. Gone are the days when people wanted facials for relaxation. These days it’s more about having a healthy complexion. This lymph facial is more like a treatment and is also available at Dolly’s.

Some people notice the difference in their skin after getting married. It either gets better or worse. Do contraceptives play a role?

Contraceptives can either do wonders or have adverse effects. Pills got to do with hormones. So hormonal changes may lead to weight gain or worsening of your complexion like pigmentation. Ultimately, treatment is the only thing that’s going to heal your skin. We can’t do too much internally because what we deal with is the epidermis, the surface of the skin not what’s in the blood. It could take a bit longer but eventually it will work.

Future plans

My mum and I are working on several future plans. We hope to introduce products and treatments absolutely new to Nepali customers. I plan to educate and train more salon workers since I’ve noticed that many here are pushed only to do practical work and do not have theoretical knowledge which is equally important. Hopefully, I will get to keep coming from London to Kathmandu back and forth. Fingers crossed!

Important message

Luxury clients should know what they’re spending their money on. Having gone to an expensive salon does not always guarantee better service. They should be aware if good quality products are being used and they’re getting the desired results.

Sometimes people like to go and relax but if you’re serious about the outcome you want you’d want to go to the right place where genuine products are being used.