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Text by: Rojina Maharjan
wow photo file © Ram Tandukar

With more than eight years in the field, Rasna Shrestha has garnered popularity for her experimental and elegant designs.  Her creations blend in variation of silhouettes and clean-cut aesthetics. Her label MuCe has been donned by some of the most popular faces in the country. She has also showcased her collection in the international arena at Africa Fashion Week and Europe and Asia Fashion Week 2018. Excerpts of a conversation with the talented designer.

What does the word fashion mean to you?

For me, fashion means elegance, comfort and being trendy.

Who do you credit for all your success as a designer?

I consider myself very fortunate to have a lot of loyal clients and followers who have been continuously supporting my work.  Also, I have been fortunate to get the opportunity to showcase my designs in some of the biggest national and international runways.

How important is it for a designer to participate in international fashion shows?

I think it depends on an individual’s perspective, interest and ultimate goal. Personally, I feel it’s a good platform to gain global exposure and build a network with designers from different parts of the world. It has helped me widen my clients and grow professionally and spiritually.

What are your views on the Nepali fashion industry?

The Nepali fashion trend has changed in a positive way.  However, the market is very small and the competition is mainly from India. People still get outfits from India and do not cherish the work of local designers. The designers here have to compromise on many levels to sustain their business which affects their creativity. Also, I think designers should embrace e-commerce and social media platforms rather than only focusing on their creativity.

What are you currently busy with?

I am trying my hands on designing as well as styling for Nepali movies. Lately, I designed for actress Jassita Gurung for her movie Love Station.

What have you planned for your summer collection?

I am working on cotton tops, kurtis and long chiffon dresses with colourful prints. I will be experimenting with different colours and patterns. I will be playing with the Indo-Western theme using a variety of prints.

What are some of the must-haves for this season?

Floral prints, easy to wear dresses and sunglass. This summer, ruffles and cold colours like light blue and green are in. Also, go for fabrics such as linen, cotton, silk and chiffon. They give you a cool and refreshing feel to combat the summer heat.

What should one avoid?

Animal prints and neon colours; it is overrated now.   

One minute with Rasna

Five must have’s in a woman’s closet

Basic tee, a pair of good quality denims, beautiful and comfortable undergarments, a little black dress, and a nice blazer

An outfit that will never go out of fashion

White blouse paired with blue jeans

Fashion favourite

Pastel shades

Must have accessory

Heels and handbags