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Soni Shrestha

Soni Shrestha, currently doing a course in hair styling, is a mentor at Nepal Art of Modeling. In her early 20’s, this bold and beautiful young woman is a travel enthusiast. She started her career in modeling as a cover girl in 2014 and has also walked the ramp for a leading fashion show.

Describe yourself in 3 words
Confident, Ambitious, positive

Your biggest strength
My biggest strength is that I am honest and strong. I can cope with my failures and learn from my mistakes.

Your  goal in life
Is to be independent and happy.

You are happiest when…
I am in front of the camera and make good pictures.

Fashion is…
An attitude and self expression.

You are secretly afraid of…

Style Vs Trend
Style because it defines me and it lasts forever.

I don’t have any regrets because my mistakes have made me who I am today.

Life is…