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It’s special being a woman

It’s special being a woman. I have yet to come across a woman who would rather be a man. But I have heard of women who under dismal circumstances curse their fate being born a woman, and yet they pray to women deities in temples and shrines.
Every life is a journey of pain and joy. There are times and circumstances that will test you, push you and mould you in different ways. It’s true for men and for women. It’s just life’s way. But what I find especially true of women is their quiet strength, their brave heart, their ability to love even when broken, their sense of responsibility and sacrifice, and their capacity to forgive.

A huge number of women today have shifted roles from primarily being home makers and caretakers to being dynamic forces in the workplace and the political sphere searching for flexibility and career fulfillment and becoming warriors of social change.
Today, being a woman is a privilege. This privilege comes from the knowledge that there is nothing that she cannot do, or achieve. The only weakness perhaps, she often forgets about her merits.

In this edition of WOW, we shine the spotlight on five young women to watch. Their journey epitomises the journey of most young women in Nepal today. The challenges, the fears, the discomfort and yet the ability to overcome, love, laugh and achieve with head held high and heart without fear.

We have come far but we have a long way to go, and in this journey to equal opportunity and space, I am happy to see many men join forces with women to build a more equal world.

Deep pride, incredible joy, motivation, desire, perseverance, inspiration and hope are words that are etched into the human DNA; may we seek more of it consciously and allow the emergence of a kinder and compassionate world.