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Star in the making

Swaraj Sagar Pradhan is living proof of the saying ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’.His zest for music since a mere toddler garnered support from his parents who helped hone his talent and put out his first solo album at the age of nine. Now 13, the youngster recently released his latest single Hawa Ra Pani …. Written and composed by Bhakta Bantawa “Anurodh” and senior musician Shantiram Rai, the new song is being well received by the audiences.

For an eighth grader, Swaraj has immense confidence and single minded focus to make a name for himself in the music industry. He also plays the guitar, harmonium and a bit of keyboard.


Your journey…

I started singing from a very young age but I began performing on stage from the age of four. My first one was during our school’s kindergarten graduation ceremony in the City Hall where I sang Ashare Mainama by ArunThapa and was encouraged by the audience. The experience was overwhelming and I developed a serious interest in music. From then on, I have been performing at various programmes. In fact, I was on a European Tour in 2014 and 2015.

Do you also compose or write songs?

Well, I have tried to compose some songs, but they are only for my personal practice not for recordings yet. About writing songs, I have written a few but I’m not quite satisfied with them. Nonetheless, I do have this interest which I intend to pursue in the future.

What are your interests other than music?

Besides music, I am totally into scientific experiments, research and planning. I also enjoy travelling and love doing social work. My parents have established a foundation in my name – Swaraj Foundation – which grants scholarship to 15 needy students. This initiative was founded by the proceeds from the sales of my first album SWARAJ.

Your inspiration…

My very first inspiration for music has to be my mamma. Growing up, she used to teach me songs and my papa always encouraged me to sing and bought me different kinds of musical instruments to practice at home.
Others who have inspired me are my first music teacher Roshan Bantawa, and then Kankaist Rai and AmritChettri.

A new album…

My debut album laid the foundation for my singing career. Now, with the latest single Hawa Ra Pani Bhai out, I plan to gradually record new songs and compile them together to come up with a full-length album soon.

What are your plans for the future?

Believe it or not, apart from becoming a singer, I also aim to become a scientist.