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Stars On The Rise

Meet the fresh batch of starlets who are on the rise in the Nepali film industry.
Text by: Pabita Dahal

Swastima Khadka

Instagram followers: 587 K
Age: 23
Origins: Ramechhap. Raised and educated in Kathmandu.

An engineering student, Swastima came into the limelight after participating in Miss Teen 2013 where she made it to the top five. She made fast progress in the industry with several modelling and music videos. Then came her debut in Hostel Returns where she was praised immensely for her acting skills.

“Honesty is very important in life. One should be honest with themselves, their work and the people they surround themselves with. Also, you need to first be happy yourself to keep the ones you love happy”.

Breakthrough moment: In 2017, her song Kutu Ma Kutu from the movie, Dui Rupaiyan became the most watched song on YouTube.

Competitive advantage: Swastima can easily manage her personal and professional life. She is very honest when it comes to her work and is considered one of the easiest film stars to work with. She is always open to exploring new concepts.

Upcoming: Swastima is currently busy with her new movie Ghamat Shere in which she shares the screen with real-life husband Nischal Basnet.

Aanchal Sharma 

Instagram followers: 245 K
Age: 22
Origins: Kathmandu

Aanchal Sharma made her debut in films through Nai Nabhannu La 4 which became a blockbuster.

“You must be able to take a stand for yourself.”

Competitive advantage: She is a go-getter. In a short time span of time, she has done dozens of music videos and some movies playing diverse characters from that of a simple girl in Nai Nabhannu La 4 and Jony Gentleman to a modern city girl in Shatru Gate and a bold diva in Black. She is recognized for her sheer versatility.

Breakthrough moment: The song Chiya Coffee from the movie Nai Nabhannu La 4 brought her huge popularity.

Upcoming: She will be working on a couple of new projects which she will reveal soon.

Priyanka MV

Instagram followers: 17.5 K
Age: 24
Origins: Kerala, India

Priyanka participated in Liril Fresh Face 2013. She has appeared in multiple advertisements including Ncell and Dish Home.  She also played in a music video Shunsan Ratma sung by legendary singers Anand Karki and Sanjeevani. The world of movies was next. She stepped into the film industry with a movie called Captain starring opposite Anmol KC.

“Even in my worst days, I get up, dress up, show up, and never give up.”

Competitive advantage: She likes to do things differently and she has great people skills. She is a hard worker. During the making of Captain, she continuously shot for four nights in the rain.

Upcoming: For Priyanka, her main priority is education. She wants to pursue a doctorate in business and plans to get into hospitality. As for the glamour industry, she will be promoting a Nepali apparel brand which will be hitting the markets soon.

Shilpa Maskey

Instagram followers: 26.7 K
Age: 27
Origins: Biratnagar

Since childhood, Shilpa was a great dancer; she won many awards for her performances. After completing her SLC, she moved to London. While working there, she got interested in acting and joined acting classes. She started her career in the movies in 2014 with the movie Shooting an Elephant where she did a Burmese dance for the opening scene.

“Don’t take anything for granted, keep working hard, ultimately karma has its way of manifesting”

Breakthrough moment: The opportunity to work on the sets of Hollywood’s Dr Strange. In Nepal, she has back to back movie releases including The Breakup followed by Kagajpatra. 

Competitive advantage: Her professionalism is on a whole new level. She is always punctual and ready to work till late hours. On the sets of Dr Strange, she worked in minus five-degree Celsius with high fever.

Upcoming: Her new movie, Sano Mann starring next to Ayushman DSJ will be screening in July.