WOW | Ed Page

Start small, start from where you are

The things that make you or break you are the things that really make you. There will always be people in your life who will appreciate, love and support you, and there will be people that will criticize and pull you down. To live your life on your own terms, you will have to find the courage and the capacity to listen to your inner voice and to act on it. It will require you to keep your focus among the multitude of voices and opinions that will either cheer you on or deter you.

Every morning, people wake up to a new day. Rare are those who look forward to a brand new day full of enthusiasm and zeal and the willingness to meet any challenges that may come their way. Most people are caught in routine and can only plan to live their dream at a distant future that may not even belong to them. Others are burdened by circumstances and succumb to mere existence.

They say the things that won’t kill you will only make you stronger. Let’s face it, life is short. And if you really want to change things, you will first have to break the mould. You must clear your mind about what you really want in life, from life. It may be hard and it may take a lot, but it will be worth it.  Start small, start from where you are. It could mean starting an exercise routine, chucking a bad habit, throwing in your resignation, or letting go of a bad relationship. It could be risking your life savings to start a dream venture, falling in love or buying a ticket to an unknown destination.

Life’s short. It’s an adventure. It’s also heart breaking beautiful. You only have NOW. Make the most of it.