WOW | Fashion


Even though spring is not yet here, it doesn’t stop the capital’s fashionistas from blending spring and winter looks. In this edition of WOW, these head turners are sharing their style mantra with our readers.

Anwita Shrestha

A BBA student, fashion enthusiast and blogger at aaynamyreflection, Anwita likes to keep her style casual yet chic. Her fall look is wearing a black turtleneck paired with a skirt, sheer stockings and boots. She has added a long black coat and a small teddy bag to complete the look which is casual yet chic.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is very important to me. It is one of the things that makes me feel confident and positive about myself. It not only about comfort or utility, for me it is a way of expressing myself

Favourite shopping destination

Dubai is an amazing city for international brands. In Kathmandu, I prefer shopping in Tangal or Durbar Marg.

What would you wear to:

Date night: A bodycon dress with strappy heels.

Bar hopping with girls: A bodysuit with skinny jeans and Chelsea boots.

Casual day out: A cute bell sleeved top with a mini skirt paired with chunky heels..

A fashion trend that you wish would be back

Halter tops. I used to love wearing halter tops, it looks really classy and sexy all at once.

What do you consider to be a fashion disaster?

A fashion disaster for me would be an outfit with no effort at all. Like wearing track sets with sandals and socks or an outfit with way too many colours.