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Dr. Shrujana Shrestha is a dermatologist who specialises in aesthetic procedures and has certifications from India, UK and South Korea. An enterprising individual with varied interests, she co-owns Pan Asian Affair offering delectable Pan Asian cuisine in Nepal. She is on the Board of Directors of Shikhar Insurance and also involved in the family business, Yeti World.

A fashion and fitness enthusiast, Shrujana loves experimenting with latest trends. She calls herself fun loving and laid-back, and manages to find good balance in work, home and social life.

Text: Anushka Shrestha
MUA: Arden the beauty point
Photo: Gokul Shrees

Shrujana is…

Sincere, trendy, perfectionist

Currently busy with

Aesthetic dermatologist work and involvement in family business, particularly Yeti Airlines

What do you love about work

Satisfaction in being able to do what I enjoy and learning something new everyday

What makes a person beautiful

Integrity, empathy and positivity

What makes you beautiful

Composure, warmth and positive energy

What makes life beautiful

Being surrounded with people who love and respect you for who you are and who give you strength to excel in life

What tickles your funny bones

Good old memories and my beau’s reactions when I play small pranks on him now and then

Favorite comedian

Russell Peters. His observational comedy and punch lines simply makes me laugh out loud.

Best therapy for happiness

Practice gratitude and find someone with whom you can have a heart to heart conversation and can relate to.

Current perfume

Jo Malone – English Pear & Freesia cologne because the fragrance complements my style

Addicted to

My phone

On your wish list

Top notch aesthetic clinic of my own and a Hermes handbag.

You stay fit by

Daily workout preferably HIIT, Boxing, Crossfit and of course a balanced diet

Best year of your life

2011. I met the love of my life

Latest splurge

Designer handbags, shoes and jewellery


Committed skincare routine is a key to beautiful healthy skin and use of appropriate product seals the deal. My current favorite is Sulwhasoo.



Style Icons

Kardashian and Jenner sisters

Always in my handbag

Sunscreen, lip balm, hand sanitiser, tissue, tiny first aid kit, wallet, perfume, tangle teezer, sun glasses, compact, pen

What do you do to unwind

Chill with my girlfriends

Favourite holiday destination

Singapore. It has easy access, one of the best shopping destinations, good food

Always struggle with

Terrible navigation skills

Best thing about being you

Friends appreciate me for my problem solving skills

Make up can’t do without

Dior lip glow

Favourite make up brand


Three things you do to absolutely look your best

Proper skin care, suitable hairstyle, and trendy outfit

On a bad hair day

Use hair accessories

One tip that makes you photo ready

Best angle

What do you like doing in spare time

Sleep, Netflix and chill or organise my wardrobe

Books or movies

Movies as you can enjoy a wonderful time with your friends and family

Guilty pleasure

Mochi ice cream

Favourite place to eat in Kathmandu

Pan Asian Affair

One thing you can’t do without

There’s more than one!