WOW | Musical Conversation

Get into a romantic mood as ten of our most well-known musicians share their playlist of love songs


Parelima by 1974 AD
Every time I hear it, I wonder how is it even possible to bring a song like this to life.

More than words by Extreme
If you love someone you need to show them with more than words (and a beautiful guitar riff).

Yo mann nachidincha by Subani Moktan
It is one of my own songs that I love. If you haven’t heard it, please do (smiles).

She’s always a woman to me by Billy Joel
I love this song because the protagonist isn’t perfect and she goes about doing her thing but has somebody who loves her for who she is. The song describes perfect relationship goals.

Choli ramro palpali dhakako by Kunti Moktan
How do you let someone know you love them, you ask them to buy you all sorts of stuff from all over Nepal. It is still one of my favourites; I love the lyrics, music, vocals.

Something just like this by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay
Something about this song just gets to me. You find a man who’s afraid to love you because he’s no superhero but you just need someone to love. It is very well written and sung; also the music really makes you want to tap your toes.