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Are men always the perpetrators of domestic violence or do they become victims as well?

Sugam Singh
Model/ Instagram Influencer

Men are also the victims of domestic abuse even though the cases are less visible. When hit by their wife or partner, they usually refrain from responding with violence mostly out of fear to be assimilated as an abuser themselves. Domestic violence is not just limited to physical abuse; one of its pernicious forms is psychological harm. Even without corporal injury, that form of ill-treatment can be felt as strongly as tyranny. It often lasts for years and is lived in silence. Because men were taught that showing their weakness or emotion is not masculine, they are less likely to report the crime or talk about it. There seem to be many root causes that lead men to the position of being victims. Among them we can observe: Wives or partners with dominant tendencies, psychological disorders, feelings of inferiority, jealousy and alcohol or drug problems. We might see cases where a wife starts by telling a husband what to wear, and then goes all the way to controlling his circle of friends and interaction with his own family. Deciding everything for him will eventually make him feel like he has no freedom and he is confined. Not to forget this will also hinder his self-esteem and confidence. The most effective prevention is to realise that no one ever deserves to be assaulted, ridiculed, belittled, antagonised or controlled. No one deserves to be abused in any way, shape or form.