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The Nepali movie industry is betting on a brand new talent – Suhana Thapa. Young, beautiful and creative, Suhana is carrying forward the legacy of her talented parents – actor Jharna Thapa and producer Sunil Thapa. Suhana has already proved her mettle on the silver screen and her performance in her debut movie Eh Mero Hajur 3 which won the hearts of audiences across the country. In conversation with WOW, the 22 year old talks about her experience growing up as a celebrity child, her experience on the sets, and more.

What is Suhana Thapa like in real life?

I am a different person every day; I believe we are constantly changing and learning. I am very different from the character Arya that I portrayed in Eh Mero Hajur 3. Unlike my character, I have never been a huge fan girl of anyone. In real life, I am a devotee of Lord Krishna and a vegetarian.

Did you always dream of becoming an actor?

I had no plans of venturing into the movies till Eh Mero Hajur 3 happened. I was living in a hostel in India. I have spent most of my time living in hostels. I used to come home during Dashain or my summer and winter vacations. Growing up with parents who are from the film fraternity, I used to assume that people in the industry were only inclined to their self-interest. My parents were always too busy for me; I don’t remember all of us having dinner together when I was young. However, my experience on the sets made me change my mind and I very much want to continue doing movies. It was during the post-production of the film that I understood the pressure of working in the industry. Movie making is a very stressful job; it is not only about the actors but there is a whole lot of teamwork involved.

You were launched by your mother, what was that like?

My parent’s legacy has given me a different kind of respect and it has been more beneficial than pressurising for me, but I do put pressure on myself to keep proving my worth.

My mum is like a friend to me; we share a very strong bond. She knows me and my potential more than anyone else, she would make sure that I gave my 100%. She is indeed a strict director who pushed me to give my best.

What was your experience working with Anmol KC?

He is very supportive and a fabulous co-star. Since we come from the same kind of family background, he has always been there for me. He knows the industry more than I do; hence his advice and insights have been very useful.

Are there any new projects coming up?

I am busy with the overseas promotional tours for Eh Mero Hajur 3. I would love to work with other production houses in the near future and explore myself more as an actor.

What would be your dream role?

I would love to play a women-centric role, maybe someone from different ethnicity who speaks in a different tone; a Bhojpuri character maybe.

Two Minutes With Suhana

Actors you want to work with
Tom Hanks and Bipin Karki

Your first crush
It was when I was in grade eight

When you want to feel sexy…
I wear a silk dress

Funniest rumour about yourself…
There was a lot of talk about me and Anmol dating during the promotion of Eh Mero Hajur 3.

Your biggest fear
I am claustrophobic

One thing people don’t know about you
I am lazy

Text: Rojina Maharjan 
Photos: Sanjog Rai 
MUA: Shradha Maskey 
Location: The Exhibit Studio