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Why do women end up doing more housework and why are they the primary caretakers of children even when they are working women?

Sukendra Gopal Gurubacharya
Executive Director
Trip To Nepal

I do not completely agree with the above statement. It depends on an individual or the family. I know a few instances where husbands do the entire housework including taking care of the children as well as working in an office to support their family while wives are busy doing nothing productive.

But yes, especially in villages, women are indeed greatly exploited. They need to look after all the housework as well as the farm for the family income, but their husbands spend the entire day with friends wandering aimlessly or playing cards if not wasting both time and money drinking right from the morning. Surprisingly, they seem to endure the painful situation perhaps because of the lack of empowerment or awareness or the wrong culture that exists in our society. Nepali women, especially in villages, are incredibly tolerant in general. I also recall a famous religious saying ‘paati parameshwora’ which means husbands are god – so how can such societies expect husbands to do the housework while wives can still manage to take care of it all!

It’s time for a ‘gender equity’ policy to be enforced. Gender equity implies fairness in the way both sexes are treated.