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Married Vs Single life WHO HAS IT BETTER?

Sumeet Sigdel
Media personality

Like two sides of a coin, both the scenarios have their own pros and cons. Being married, gives you an opportunity to be with someone you love, share all your emotional, mental and physical states of mind, and always have someone you can count on, whereas being single gives you the freedom and liberty to do things as you please without being obligated or having to compromise, sacrifice your personal desires or adjust with your partner’s preferences and state of mind.

The choice is yours, get married and be with someone you love and grow old together, or remain single and live life fully without having to think about anyone else but yourself.

In my personal preference, I would choose married life as you always have someone you can be with, share all your joys and happiness together with, care for each other and learn to give and take up responsibilities for one another, and live a happily married life. You will have ups and downs in life but you will always have someone by your side who believes in you and someone who loves you and someone you love.