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Summer Sex

You may have heard of a bucket list before, but have you ever considered creating your own sex bucket list? Simply put, it’s a place to round up all the fun sexual moves, positions, and scenarios you want to try so you don’t forget them! After all, it’s sometimes easy to get caught up doing the same old moves, so having a bucket list can give you an inspiration boost when it’s too hot to think. And while we highly support having a lifelong sex bucket list, why not try a seasonal variation?

In summer, especially, there are a lot of fun activities you can do that are tougher to pull off at other times of the year. Below we’re sharing six sizzling scenarios to add to your bucket list. These ones help you take full advantage of long, steamy days and hot nights. Summer’s not over yet, so grab your partner and hit the sheets (or pool, or campsite).

Water Sex

It’s finally warmed up enough in most places to go into the water, so take advantage of the weather and let things get a little slippery. When it comes to locations to get wet and wild, everything from a shower to a pool is included. Your imagination (and maybe your flexibility) is the only barriers to the fun you can have.

You can make sex in the water as wild as you want to – from keeping bathing suits on to full-out skinny dipping. The one caveat is that sex in the water can strip away natural lubrication, so there are two tricks to keep in mind:
1. While wet sensations can lead to a leisurely round of foreplay, you may want to keep actual penetration portion of the night little shorter. A little manual stimulation feels pretty damn great under the water so don’t be afraid to let this part take centre stage.
2. Use a silicone lube to offset the drying effects of the water.

Outdoor Sex

Outdoor sex is one of the best perks of summer weather, and it’s worth a little risk to feel the air on your body as you get down and dirty. The idea of getting caught can ramp up the excitement factor, making this an energising, fun experience for you and your partner. Remember, however, to choose a safe spot.

 Picnic Sex

There are few things more romantic than a sweet outdoor picnic with a little wine and some delicious food, so if you decide to take advantage of that comfy blanket you’re hanging out on, we don’t blame you. Just be sure if you’re having outdoor sex in the daytime that you use sunscreen. There’s no fun in going back to work on Monday with a sunburned ass. And if you think you might be getting frisky outdoors, bring an extra blanket with you in case you need to cover up in a hurry. Once again remember to make sure you don’t catch the attention of any bypassers.

Cold Sex

When it’s hot, nothing feels better than finding a way to combine your favourite activities with a little cooling action. Though there are some sex positions that let you touch each other as little as possible, why not add a few cold props to make things a little more fun? Try teasing each other with ice, drawing it across each other’s bodies and seeing how you each react. Better yet, have your dessert and eat it, too. Dip into the freezer for some popsicles or ice cream and swirl them over your lover’s nipples. As long as the sheets don’t get too messy when you lick things off, no one’s going to complain. Last, you can also keep your lube in the refrigerator to cool things off. Just make sure to clear things out before company comes over!

Vacation Sex

Whether you’re travelling far or just taking a staycation, vacation sex has some definitive advantages. First of all, everyone is feeling a little more relaxed, making it easier to slip into a sexy frame of mind. Second, having sex in a new location or at a new time of day is a fantastic way to change up the routine and bust out of any sex ruts you might be having. Though the merits of a hotel bed are not to be overlooked, hotels are a great place to get a little creative.

Camping Sex

If you’re the outdoorsy type and you play your cards right, you can have the best of both worlds with camping sex – the sensation of outdoor sex (you can hear everything and maybe even feel the breeze), with your tent providing a little privacy (and some sleeping bags providing cushioning). If you want to ramp this up a little, leave the rain cover off your tent for some fresh air and a view of the stars. Unless someone is looking down into your tent, they won’t be able to see what you’re up to.

Things to keep in mind for camping sex: if your campsite doesn’t have showers, you’ll want to opt for a water-based lube for quick and easy cleanup. Baby wipes work wonders to freshen up when there’s no easy access to running water. And while people may not be able to see you, remember they can definitely still hear you.

(Source: penchantforpleasure.com)