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Sun inspired

Bright, colourful, printed and patterned swimsuits make their way for the summer! Soni Shrestha wears the sun inspired look with glamour!

In conversation with Soni Shrestha

23-year-old Soni Shrestha is among the most sought-after models in the industry. She has been featured on the covers of well-known magazines and walked the ramp of some of the biggest fashion shows.

In 2014, she came into the limelight through an editorial photoshoot. In 2015 she rose to fame when she walked the ramp for the Nepal Fashion Week. In 2017, she garnered more attention when she became the first runner up for the  Face of Classic Diamond. Along with modelling, she is currently working as a beat cycling instructor.

Despite all the glamour and fame, body shaming and unrealistic standards have always been an issue in the modelling industry and Shrestha has faced her share of negative remarks. “Body shaming is one of the biggest problems in today’s generation for both genders. Society finds humour in degrading a woman or man’s body. People take their own insecurities and aim them at other people to make themselves feel better. Rather than focusing on a healthy and balanced lifestyle, people are more concerned about weight and shape. If you’re skinny, people think that you starve yourself whereas if you’re on the curvier side they judge that you overeat. 

But what they don’t understand is different human beings have different body types,” she says. 

Since her initial days of modelling, Shrestha has been called ‘too skinny’ on one too many occasions. People have insisted that she does not eat enough. She shares, “I am naturally thin and people have suggested that I starve myself to be this thin. I am healthy. I have a lot of energy  and yet I hear these comments. I have somehow understood that people will judge you no matter how you look. Whenever I went for fittings, I was told that I needed to put on some weight. Although I still get these remarks, it does not affect me like it used to.”

As a fitness instructor Shrestha opines that people have different reasons for being underweight, or overweight— bone structure, metabolism, diseases etc. “Being physically fit is not only about how you look but also about how you feel. My fitness goal is to build muscle, get stronger, improve endurance, and improve my athletic skills”.

“My fitness routine includes an hours workout, three days a week.  I try to balance my workouts to ensure that all body parts get appropriate attention. I focus on complementary components of the body. For example, if I am working out my abs, I work out my lower back at the same time. This ensures that both muscle groups, which tend to work together, get equal attention. Besides that, I have my own beat cycling class four days a week which is an hour long intense cardio session.  Most importantly I always make sure I eat healthy, balanced meals,” she concludes.

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