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Sun Signs (January-February)

Aries (March 21 − April 20)
Love life: Make sure you know who you can trust, because you don’t want to ask the wrong person for advice regarding your love life.
Career: Have a mediator or some sort of third party present mid month while discussing important matters with someone else on the job.
Health: A yoga or meditation class would be wonderful gift to yourself.
Tip of the Month: Much information can be dispersed by way of your good-humoured nature and fun-loving personality.
Lucky no.: 4
Lucky colour: Yellow

Taurus (April 21 − May 20)
Love life: Keep humour-filled mood for dating and also things relaxed and casual.
Career: People will be very open to your ideas and your role as a leader will be highly respected.
Health: Control sugar, as you are susceptible to diabetes.
Tip of the Month:  Don’t resist new ideas.
Lucky no.: 14, 20
Lucky colour: White

Gemini (May 21 − June 21)
Love life: You may end up saying something to your beloved that they find quite hurtful.
Career: You are at a critical point in which it is beneficial for you to listen to others.
Health: Keep warm and dress according to the weather.
Tip of the Month: Give full concentration to everything you do.
Lucky no.: 3, 18
Lucky colour: Blue

Cancer (June 22 − July 22)
Love life: Don›t take love for granted!
Career: You could feel a strong need to do something original, creative and dramatic now.
Health: Take a walk or attending a spinning class to get your heart rate up.
Tip of the Month: It’s a good time to have an innovative vision for the future.
Lucky no.: 1, 27
Lucky colour: Green

Leo (July 23 − August 22)
Love life: You may find it difficult to resist someone who is totally and utterly wonderful to look at.
Career: The cosmos puts a strong focus on service and finding work at the end of the month.
Health: Choose to eat what gives you strength rather than what takes away your strength.
Tip of the Month:  This is a good time to do things for others in need.
Lucky no.: 13, 29
Lucky colour: Red

Virgo (August 23 − September 22)
Love life: If you are currently going through some kind of dilemma in your relationship, this may be the best day to get it sorted out.
Career: Your boss will appreciate the clear, concise manner in which you communicate this month.
Health: Remove the greasy favourites from your diet, and cut back on caffeine intake.
Tip of the Month: Plan a family holiday.
Lucky no.:  5
Lucky colour: Pink

Libra (September 23 − October 22)
Love life: Trying new things is at the top of your to-do list, and it›s so much fun with a willing partner.
Career: You could get an impressive promotion mid month.
Health: Drink plenty of water and stay away from processed foods as they can disturb your mood.
Tip of the Month: Do what you love.
Lucky no.:  10, 28
Lucky colour: Purple

Scorpio (October 23 − November 21)
Love life: Take your interest in the latest romantic topics and trends to a new level at the beginning of the month.
Career: Your final quarter may be so impressive that you will emerge as one of the most successful professionals in your field.
Health: Pay extra special attention to emotional needs, both yours and those you love.
Tip of the Month: Your true strengths lies in your intuition and sensitivity.
Lucky no.:  12, 19
Lucky colour: Violet

Sagittarius (November 22 − December 21)
Love life:  If you have been feeling stuck or stifled in your current relationship, you may decide to take action in order to preserve your individuality.
Career: This is a fantastic time for media events, marketing and having fun at work.
Health: Enjoy live music, dance… find enjoyable ways to act out the combination of energies that are available to you.
Tip of the Month: Be yourself and you will stand out and be rewarded.
Lucky no.: 6, 21
Lucky colour: Peach

Capricorn (December 22 − January 20)
Love life: People find you different and exciting to be with, and will also want to know the secret behind your natural charisma.
Career: Take the time to slow down and reassess your work life and direction.
Health: With luck and discipline you can get your partner to diet with you.
Tip of the Month: Don’t leap into something in the heat of the moment.
Lucky no.: 3, 24
Lucky colour: Magenta

aquariusAquarius (January 21 − February 19)
Love life: On occasion you pride yourself on being far too civilized and together to consider falling in love, and often sneer at the romantically inclined. Maybe time for change.
Career: This is also a good time to negotiate a raise or budget increase.
Health: Eating regular, healthful meals and getting adequate sleep can give you a boost.
Tip of the Month: Your powers of persuasion will be very strong.
Lucky no.: 7, 18
Lucky colour: Orange

Pisces (February 20 − March 20)
Love life: Try and be more sociable than usual.
Career: Don’t make any major decisions. Postpone any major meetings this month.
Health: Start with getting your blood flowing with some kind of aerobic exercise.
Tip of the Month: Nourish not only the body but the soul.
Lucky no.: 4, 29
Lucky colour: Brown

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