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In a world where women are increasingly becoming multiple-taskers and have their unique set of challenges at home and at work, raising a child has become a greater responsibility. The new generation of working mums has to navigate kids, work, love and life. Here’s what some of them say…

Compiled by: Anushka Shrestha
wow photo file © Ram Tandukar/ Gokul Shrees

Dr Eli Pradhan Ranjitkar

Dr Eli wears many hats; she is MD at MRCSEd Opth, UK, Consultant Medical Retina at Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology, President, at Nepal Vitreo Retina Society and in the Scientific Chair at SAARC Ophthalmology. Despite her busy professional life, she always finds time for her daughters; 18-year-old Shuvangini Ranjitkar and 11-year-old Suhani Ranjitkar.

Growing up as a child of a working mum: My mum has always been my inspiration. Despite her busy schedule, she would always spend quality time with us. She provided financial support to our family which helped us live a good life with a secure future.

Challenges of a working mum: The biggest challenge for me is trying to be a supermom at home and a perfectionist at work. It’s difficult to balance multiple roles and responsibilities at home and work at the same time. I make sure that my children and work is my priority.

Relationship with your children: Understanding

Bringing your child to work: Only on a few occasions, although my work environment is very supportive of working mums.

Spending quality time: As I have a few hours with them in the morning and in the evening, I try to make sure that I give all my free time to them. I do the following things:

  1. Help with their homework
  2. Talking to them about their day.
  3. Ask about their friends. I always try to reassure them that we are always there whenever they need us.
  4. Go for movies during the weekends.
  5. Do some artwork together.

Are you ever worried that someone else is raising your children when you are away?

I did worry when they were under the care of nanny when I lived in the UK. However, once I got back, my children were well taken care of by their grandparents as we live in a joint family. Obviously, the grandparents are also having quality time with the little ones.

What makes your children stand out?

Research has already proved that the children of working mums are smart, independent, nurtured with good habits and good values. I am really proud my children have all of these traits.