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Sweta Acharya

Sweta Acharya is a young and talented self taught designer who has launched her brand of clothing under her own initials, SA. This 23 year old Liberal Arts student blends traditional design with modern aesthetics, and uses an interesting fusion of colours, textures and patterns to create clothes for the contemporary woman today.

sweta-acharyaWhat is fashion for you?

Fashion is a popular style that reflects who we are. I don’t think there’s a word or sentence that can define fashion, yet fashion should be beautiful and eye pleasing. Not everyone is gifted with good taste, and that perhaps is the only reason we designers are here to serve people with the best of our abilities. A youthful state of mind and a decent sense of style becomes fashion.

What does SA offer to fashion lovers?

Traditional fashion fused with modern aesthetics, you name it we have it. It portrays the imagination of people into an outfit with effervescence. We use vivacious colours, drama, glamour, yet our clothes are comfortable to wear, custom-fitted and constructed by hand from start to finish. We believe in creating elegant silhouettes with elements of surprise through embellishments, and all our clothes carry a passionate attention to details.

What is your favourite trend this year?

It’s more about cuts this season. I personally can’t wait to incorporate more of traditional fashion with contemporary twist.

…and what would you want to disappear?

Not a single piece disappears in fashion. In fact we use gone fashion with surprising twist to create new fashion.

Describe your “I made it moment”.

Each moment that reflects my hard work.

3 must haves in a woman’s wardrobe

In casual wear: a nice pair of fitted jeans, plain t-shirt and a nicely fitted bomber jacket.

What’s hot for fall/winter 2016?

Old is gold, its more about fur, velvet, puffy styled sleeves, metallic gold and bold prints.

What does being a woman mean to you?

Women are the most powerful creature God ever created. We are all blessed to be able to pursue this beautiful gifted life. So let’s embrace the best of what we have.

Fashion tips for the women of today…

Accessorise in bright colours to create your own style. Take risks and become a trendsetter not just a follower.

sweta_acharyaDo you believe in age appropriate dressing?

Age is just a number. Feeling fabulous and being comfortable in your own body is most important. Working with the best of what you have along with a great attitude will never let you down.

How important is accessorising your outfit?

It’s the icing on the cake for fashion lovers. Accessorising is the best, the most effortless and affordable way to stand out.

How much importance do you give to comfort while designing?

It’s the most important thing for a designer to balance comfort while maintaining style, and also the most challenging!

Can style be acquired?

We are creators, yet not everybody is gifted with sense of style/fashion. Being able to differentiate what is good what is not is the most powerful weapon for any designer. Sense of style is an in-built talent, the rest just follow trends.

One fashion indulgence….

Tons of them!