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Swoopna Suman – Journey To Fame

With songs like Kasari Bhanu, K Saro Ramri Bhako, Friends Forever, Kunai din, The Coffee Song, Jane Kura Nagara and Yaad ma Rakhne Chhu, Swoopna Suman needs little introduction. The heartthrob of the country has recently come up with another hit number Farki Aaune Chu. In a conversation with WOW’s Rojina Maharjan, he opens up about his struggles, journey to fame and inspiration. Excerpts

Define your musical journey…

When I started singing and posting videos on YouTube, I did not have a proper guitar or equipment to help me record. As I am from a middle-class family, it was very difficult to convince my family that I wanted to become a singer. Back in those days, I didn’t have enough money to even record or shoot a song. Apart from the financial problems, I also went through a lot of internal issues. Imagining an unguaranteed future as a singer was quite scary. I had to keep up with my studies, look after my family, and continue making music at the same time; it was very tough and often very tiring.

You are now one of the most loved musicians in the country, has success changed you in any way?

I have learnt that hard work is the ultimate key to success. This has made me value my success even more.

What or who has influenced your music?

 I find inspiration everywhere. I believe in making realistic and relatable songs that can connect me to my audiences. However, I listen to John Mayer, Jack Johnson and Bob Dylan and they have influenced my music in a lot of ways.

What is the inspiration behind your new release ‘Farki Aaune Chhu’?

Farki Aaune Chhu‘ is a homecoming song. I wrote it while I was touring Hong Kong. I was just away from home for a week but I immensely missed my family. This drove me to thinking of the millions of people who leave their family and home for employment and studies. I scribbled the lyrics backstage while preparing for my show there.

You have been with Channel Arbitrary for a very long time, are you planning to go solo?

Channel Arbitrary is like a family for me. They have been a memorable part of my career. Currently, I am working solo, and I have my own official YouTube Channel now.

Tell us about your very first song…

I don’t remember the title, but I wrote my first song when I was in the seventh standard. The song was very funny and the lyrics were extremely vague. But my friends loved it and that encouraged me to write more songs.

You are a song writer as well as a singer. In your opinion what is the difference in singing your own lyrics and someone else’s creation?

I believe, when I write my own I understand the depth of the lyrics which makes the song sound more genuine and soulful and it’s one dimensional as a single person creates everything. But when I sing someone else’s creation, it’s two or more people’s input which automatically broadens the perspective of the song and makes it more colourful.

What genre of music do you like?

I like pop, country and folk music. I would really want to try my hands at Western Classical (orchestral) music.

What are you currently busy with?

I am currently busy making new songs and doing tours. I have a few songs that are lined up for release from my new YouTube channel within a couple of months. Also, I am working on an album for this year.