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Durga Bahadur Mahhato is an artist with Lahar Srijana which promotes alternative opportunities for better self sustenance through promotion of rural arts and crafts. A resident of Nawalparasi, he was discovered by Lahar Srijana seven years ago.

His love for painting began in his childhood but circumstances were difficult and he sustained livelihood through working as a mason at construction sites and occasionally painting hoarding boards. Durga draws from his roots and his paintings see influences of Mithila art and Tharu life and culture. Excerpts of a conversation with the young and talented artist:

Art is…
A rare work that helps to express our inner thoughts and feelings.

Your Inspiration…
I love my culture and what our accentors created. This has been my source of inspiration. Also the encouragement from Pratima Thapa (Founder of Lahar Srijana) has helped me work as an artist and work better.

Which medium do you like working with the most?
I am comfortable with all mediums.

What is Tharu art?
Tharu art promotes Tharu culture and lifestyle. It also includes handicrafts, pottery and paintings.

One international art festival you would like to be part of…
As an artist I would love to participate in any art festival. I just want the opportunity to learn and grow.

Where can people contact you for your work?
Lahar Srijana, Durbar Marg.

Text by: Sonu Yonjan Tamang