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While the web caters to customers who purchase basic lifestyle products, the app is ideal to make impulsive shopping decisions. At a time when quiet streets and alleys are the only solution to a life threatening pandemic, delivery partners with their masks and gloves seated on two-wheelers and mini trucks ensure that life goes on.

In this edition of WOW, we bring you five shopping apps you can turn to for all your needs for as long as we are compelled to stay in.

Text: Sachi Agrawal

Daraz (meaning cabinet/drawer in Nepali) has become a household name over the past year owing to its ever growing range of products and timely delivery. The e-commerce app took extra initiatives with safety precautions during the lockdown to ensure that the regular life does not suffer the brunt of the COVID pandemic.
With a rating of 4.3 on the google play store, the app has proved its efficiency and service quality service time and again. What is most impressive about Daraz is its seemingly inexhaustible source of products from a plethora of industries, whether its gadgets, clothes, basic necessities and so on. Daraz also promotes local products and industries which is a dire need of the current Nepali scenario.


As the norms of social distancing become the new normal, people are not yet comfortable with eating out at restaurants and food takeaway joints. However, this doesn’t mean that you miss out on the unforgettable experience of your favourite foods. A pioneer in the national food delivery industry, Foodmandu has delivered delicious food from noted restaurants when regular homemade food gets too boring and going out has disappeared from our list of options. So folks, Foodmandu with its timely delivery and extra care with safety is your go to saviour until hanging out with friends at favourite restaurants becomes completely non-fatal for life. We love their prompt and friendly service!

Prettyclick Nepal

The lockdown opened more avenues for makeup lovers to show off their talents using cosmetics and explore their skincare needs. Some explored their faces as canvas with makeup while others experimented with finding the right skincare routine. We are totally digging this creativity which is why Prettyclick Nepal with its broad range of cosmetics and skin care products has made it to this list.

A favourite among women, Prettyclick Nepal boasts of skincare and cosmetic products from the most coveted global brands. The app has acquired more popularity in recent times owing to the authentic quality of the products. Users have praised the team for ensuring the consistency in the service and thereby, have stuck to the brand after a single purchase.

The interface of the app is simple and easy to navigate only enhancing the overall experience with the app.


As we find ourselves grappling with a major health concern, an app like Jeevee becomes a necessity. As much as we try to remain healthy, things happen but fret not, Jeevee offers a wide range of medical products to help you anytime, anywhere. The app also features a prescription scanner for a more at-the-pharmacy-yourself experience. While larger problems require you to visit the doctor yourself, you can prevent the smaller problems from becoming bigger with the remote health checkup feature in the app.

Among the array of online apps, Smartdoko is slowly garnering a name for its easy to use interface and inclusion of products from perishables to durables. The most alluring feature of Smartdoko has to be its redeemable point based system – with every purchase you gain points as per the product which can be collected and redeemed later on your consecutive purchase. The brand not only offers a wide set of products but a wide set of international clothing and appliances to choose from.
Bonus: The site also offers huge discounts on a huge range of products allowing you to shop to your heart’s content without breaking the bank.