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Would you adopt a child?

Irrespective of whether you have your own or are not able of having one for any reason.

Tejaswi Sharma

Though not a mom yet, I have always been fond of kids and do not classify adopting a child as something unimaginable. Despite this, I have not given it serious thought as it requires sufficiently vetting the future scenarios to do justice to the choice made. Moreover, we as a couple, believe that sponsoring a child can be an equally effective approach towards helping a child discover his or her true value. Thus, we have been involved in sponsoring the education for needy children on a personal level, whether it be the kids of our domestic help or through the NGO’s who work in the field of child welfare. The satisfaction of doing your bit in transforming a child’s life is immense. So, I am sure of continuing to reach out to children in need through sponsorship to provide them opportunities in life once thought unachievable. Nevertheless, I insist that adoptive parenting needs to be encouraged with the noblest of intentions and while everyone may have their own motivation to explore adoption, the core fact to be highlighted is everyone dreams of becoming parents, not just pregnant.